Bend Dentist Reviews

Bend Dentist Reviews


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Finding a dentist that you like, trust, and respect is often a difficult task. This task is complicated by the delicate nuances and differences between our personalities. Finding a Bend Dentist that meshes with your personality may be difficult to plan for, but this difficulty can be mitigated by personal references. If 3 people you like and respect recommend Dr A, there is a good chance you will too. Ask other medical/dental professionals their opinion on who they think is the best bend dentist. For example, at your next check up ask your family doctor what dentist they recommend  and why? Ask the same of your co-workers, fellow church members, neighbors, and other respected community members.

The next piece of business is finding out where she went to  dental school and residency. Most modern dentists will agree that dental school alone does not prepare a new graduate for the real world of dentistry and that Advanced General Practice Residencies are a great way to help transition the dentist from school to clinical life. Where did she do her residency? In general, residencies done at university settings tend to be not only chock full of new and interesting clinical cases but focus on new emerging research. This balance of didactic and clinical training is the basis for a great Bend Dentist.

Finally, if you need to have extensive work done, ask to speak with other patients who have undergone similar procedures and look at their before and after work. This is another way at finding the best Bend Dentist for you and your family.

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Best Bend Dentist

When reading the many Bend dentist reviews, there are a few things to take into consideration, among them the pricing and quality of service offered. With Cornerstone Family Dentistry, choosing a dentist is made easier than ever. Not only do they offer excellent dental care to their patients; they also take into consideration their financial situation. Cornerstone Family Dentistry has truly earned its title as one of the best Bend Oregon Dentists.

What do they Offer?

Bend dentist reviews do not lie: Cornerstone Family Dentistry offer the best dental care in Bend. Many positive patient testimonials can be found on their website, all of them acclaiming the excellent service they have received at the hands of Dr. Di Giulio and her staff. But what exactly does Cornerstone Family Dentistry offer? Depending on what a client needs, Cornerstone Family Dentistry offers regular services such as dental cleaning, root canals, porcelain and gold dental crowns and more. Clients also have the choice to receive professional cosmetic dentistry services, from tooth whitening to dental implants. The best Bend, Oregon dentist knows the importance of a beautiful smile.

Who are They?

Cornerstone Family Dentistry was founded by Yoli Di Giulio D.M.D. After having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from Rutgers University in 1990, she decided that dentistry was her calling, and then proceeded to attend the Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia. She founded Cornerstone Family Dentistry with the ambition of offering high-quality dental care to patients – all the while being aware of their financial situation. By hiring professional staff and continually providing them with outstanding care, she has started to become known as one of the best dentists in the area, according to Bend dentist reviews.

Why Choose Cornerstone Family Dentistry?

There are many reasons to choose Cornerstone Family Dentistry. On top of having received countless positive Bend dentist reviews, people that choose Dr. Di Giulio and her staff to take care of their teeth always walk out of the office feeling happy and satisfied. The staff at Cornerstone Family Dentistry knows very well that going to the dentist can often be a scary, nerve-wracking experience, especially for children. This is why they aim to make every single one of their patients feel calm and happy. They are gentle, professional and caring.

Family Dentistry Services

Teeth play an important part in someone’s life. This is why a person should always strive to take care of them. With Cornerstone Family Dentistry, doing so is made easy and affordable. An appointment with Dr. Di Giulio or one of her experienced staff members guarantees for a pleasant visit. Whether a patient is in need of dental cleaning, gum disease treatment or even a root canal, Dr. Di Giulio continues to be hailed as one of the best dentists in the city. While reading about the best Bend dentist reviews, Cornerstone Family Dentistry should always be considered.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A person’s smile is often one of the first things other people notice about them. Though their smile does not define who they are, there is no harm in having the best possible one. Often, depending on the patient, this starts with teeth whitening. Cornerstone Family Dentistry is proud to offer excellent cosmetic dentistry care. Being the best Bend, Oregon dentist means that Dr. Di Giulio has had years of experience treating people’s teeth and changing their smiles for the better. Positive Bend dentist reviews often talk about Cornerstone’s cosmetic dentistry services.

Bend Dentist Review

Why is Going to the Dentist Important?

It has been proven that a person who is not taking care of their teeth can develop serious problems. What most people are not aware of is that this does not only include gum diseases or cavities; it also includes strokes and heart attacks. Good dental hygiene can be practiced at home, but a visit to the dentist at least twice a year is recommended to make sure everything works as it should. Dr. Di Giulio and her staff have years of practice doing dental cleaning.

To ensure a beautiful and healthy smile, going with Cornerstone Family Dentistry is always the best decision. With years of experience under her belt and the help of caring, professional staff, Dr. Di Giulio is able to make any smile shine. Cornerstone Family Dentistry truly cares about their patients, and this certainly reflects in everything they do. Heeding the advice of the Bend dentist reviews and making an appointment today can possibly be a life changing decision.

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